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The DPML, at the heart of pharmaceutical regulatory activities

Security alerts and information

02/11/2023 - Press Release related to Withdrawal From The Cameroonian Market Of The Specialty Hydrocortisone 100mg Injectable
07/11/2023 - Press Release related to reduced the Wholesale Price All Taxes of pharmaceutical specialities Lopraz 40mg, 20mg and Levox 5mg
01/08/2023 - Radio-Press Release Warning Organisation " FOOD & DRUGS AUTHORITY CAMEROON"
03/03/2023 - Circular Letter Information Note And Precautions For Use Of Flagyl 250mg And 500mg Tablets
23/11/2022 - Withdrawal of products containing pholcodine
23/11/2022 - Press release for recall of ROCEPHINE batches
22/11/2022 - Press release for recall of ZINNAT Oral batches
12/05/2021 - Lower wholeslale price tax of Galvus and Galvusmet.
12/05/2021 - Lower wholeslale price tax of NEUCLAV Injectable
03/30/2021 - Alert circulation of 2 falsified versions of VITAMIN A in the CEMAC sub-region.
03/30/2021 - 
Reduction of wholesales price excluding tax for CIPROZED 750 mg tablet B/10.
03/30/2021 - Modification of the approval of the company " NKAH BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT SARL " of November 04, 2020.
03/30/2021 - Lifting suspension of the operation licence of wholesale distribution company “NKAH BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT SARL” of August 04, 2020.
01/23/2021 - Order fixing the modalities of inspections and controls of goods by the technical services of the State at the Port of Douala.
01/23/2021 - National Guide of Biosecurity and Biosafety in Laboratories in Cameroon.
01/23/2021 - Guide for the proper performance of medical biology analyses.
01/23/2021 - Guide to good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products.
01/23/2021 - Good practices for the wholesale distribution of pharmaceutical products.
01/23/2021 - Guide to the management and destruction of pharmaceutical products unfit for consumption.
12/23/2020 - Bulletin de Pharmacovigilance N°2 Décembre 2020.
10/27/2020 - Dr SALIHOU SADOU, new Director of the DPML by DECREE N ° 2020/5721/PM of October 26, 2020.
10/27/2020 - Reduction of wholesales price excluding tax of CIELSUNATE 120 mg powder for parenteral use ampoule B/1.
10/06/2020 - Stop the use of marketing authorizations for Colart 20/120mg, Havrix Adult and Havrix pediatric.
10/06/2020 - Lower wholesale price excluding tax of several products from NOVARTIS laboratories.
10/06/2020 - Repeal of the Marketing Authorization for STOCRIN 30 mg/ml Oral solution, 180 ml bottle.
10/02/2020 - Designation of an interim director of the DPML.
09/18/2020 - Revision of the Standardized National Pharmaceutical Codification (NNPC) in force in the public structures of SYNAME.
09/15/2020 - Lower wholesale price excluding tax of ASMOH Laboratories Ltd products.
09/14/2020 - Lower wholesale price excluding tax of Meronia 500IV Fl/20ml and Meronia 1000IV Fl/30ml.
09/14/2020 - Cessation of marketing authorization - STOCRIN 30 mg/ml, Oral solution, Fl/180 ml.
09/14/2020 - Cessation of marketing authorization - AZANTAC® 50mg/2ml, solution for injection in ampoule, B/5.
09/12/2020 - Bulletin of Traditional Medicine N°001 August 2020.
08/15/2020 - Cancellation of the election process for members of the board of the Council of the National Order of Pharmacists of Cameroon.
06/20/2020 - Order suspending the operating licence of a whosale distribution company of medical devices called NKAH BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT SARL.

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