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Who are we ?

The Department of Pharmacy, Drugs and Laboratories (DPML) is one of the central technical departments of the Ministry of Public Health. Its missions are defined by the Décret N°2013/093 du 03 avril 2013 portant organisation du Ministère de la Santé Publique.
The DPML is the structure responsible for organizing and coordinating the regulatory activities of the pharmaceutical sector in Cameroon. In collaboration with :
- The General Inspectorate of Pharmaceutical Services and Laboratories (IGSPL);
- The National Laboratory for the Quality Control of Drugs and Expertise (LANACOME), and
- The Division of Operational Research in Health (DROS);
It brings together the eight (8) essential functions of the NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY (ANRPh).


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 à Mballa 2 près de l'hôpital Jamot de Yaoundé

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+(237) 222-21-92-81


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