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Normalized National Pharmaceutical Codification (NNPC)

The Minister of Public Health signed Decision No. 0265 / D / MINSANTE / CAB of February 19, 2016 setting the Codification Principles of pharmaceutical products in the public structures of the National System for the Supply of Essential Medicines (SYNAME).
According to this decision, all drug storage, distribution and dispensing structures must integrate into their management the NORMALIZED NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL CODIFICATION (NNPC), the code list of which is presented here.
Therefore, any drug managed in SYNAME must have a unique code in all storage, distribution and dispensing structures.
This decision is supplemented by a detailed description of the coding principles for drugs, medical devices, reagents, medical equipment and management tools.

Any request for codification must be addressed to the DPML formally or informally so that this new code is distributed to all structures.


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